Pregnancy: Extra pillows needed

And yet, if a pregnant woman has not previously slept on her left side, at first it will be very difficult for her to get used to this sleeping position. At first, she may even experience quite severe discomfort due to a large tummy that interferes with sleep. Use the best pregnancy pillow for sleeping.

The best method to get used to it more quickly is to use extra pillows. Therefore, prepare in advance and always keep several soft and comfortable pillows of various sizes near you while you sleep. Using them while falling asleep, you can always find the most comfortable position for yourself.

In order to get rid of troubled sleep, there are some simple but very effective tips:

  • Pay attention to the organization of proper and timely nutrition . Never overeat. Eliminate caffeinated drinks from your diet altogether. Limit, or rather completely give up, the use of carbonated sugary drinks. The best drink before bed during pregnancy is a glass of warm milk.
  • Do not engage in intense mental activity before bed. Don’t watch TV before bed or read books. If you have such an opportunity, it is best to listen to soft, calm and pleasant music in the evening. This will help you relax and prepare for a night’s rest.
  • warm bath (not hot!), Taken 20-30 minutes before bedtime, works very well on the body .
  • Observe the daily routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  • Do not eat before bed. There should be a break of at least three hours between the last meal and the night’s rest. During this time, the bulk of what you eat will already have time to digest, and your sleep will be more restful.
  • Walking in the fresh air before going to bed, airing the bedroom and sleeping with an open window or window in the warm season are very useful.

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