Pizza ovens – classification, types, tips on choosing

According to the Italians, they are the inventors of our favorite dish – pizza. Moreover, the Neapolitans unanimously assure the whole world that there are only two types of pizza: “Margarita” with canned tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and “Marinera” with seafood, but only a oven with a stone hearth is suitable for baking. More about pizza here

Later, many varieties of this dish appeared. To make pizza you will need a cake made of flour, tomatoes or ketchup, cheese and everything you have in the fridge: sausage, vegetables, seafood, ham, any kind of meat, fish, canned food and more. Pizza is prepared everywhere: in restaurants, cafeterias, roadside bistros, at home, in hotels. The recipe and ingredients are a “creative” component of pizza cooking, but the “technical” component is important (let’s call it that). Implied? It’s simple – it’s pizza baking equipment.

1, 2 or 3-tier pizza oven? Which model to buy for your pizzeria?

Pizza ovens are 1, 2 and 3-tier. The presence of internal lighting and a viewing window allows you to visually control the cooking process without opening the oven door. In budget models, thermometers are offered as an option, while more expensive models have such thermometers as standard. Such thermometers allow to control temperature in a working chamber more precisely.

The main criterion for choosing a pizza oven is the overall size of the working chamber, because it depends on the performance of the equipment and the efficiency of the institution. The most common are ovens that can accommodate up to 4 pizzas with a diameter of 30 cm. Pizza ovens can also differ in supply voltage: 380 and 220 V.

Furnaces are classified mainly by type of energy:

  • Gas;
  • Electric.

Pizza ovens, which use methane, natural gas or butane as fuel, consist of a burner, which is located under the cooking chamber, it heats the chamber from the bottom up. Naturally, in such a furnace the temperature will be uneven: at the bottom of the chamber it will always be higher than at the top. Gas ovens are best for pizza on decks. Such models are rarely used by our customers due to their low practicality and complexity in operation.

The electric pizza oven is perfect for both on-site shopping and for use in small catering establishments. In addition, electric ovens are easy to operate. The use of modern electronics in furnaces has made the regulation of operating temperature easy and accurate.

The temperature difference of a few degrees is considered normal and does not affect the final product. One of the types of electric ovens are mini-pizza ovens, which are designed to cook one, maximum two pizzas of standard size. This oven is ideal for small bistros with a small flow of customers or for home use. You can cook fragrant pizza in 15 minutes, in addition, in such an oven you can heat previously prepared dishes or even semi-finished products.

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