Humm Together is a Humdinger of a Social Gaming App for Name That Tune Fans

Just when you thought that social networking games had all the bases covered along comes a new one. Forget about spelling out words, forget about drawing pictures, it’s time to get musical. Enter Humm Together – a game that challenges players to hum (or la-de-da or dum-de-dum) tunes for friends and random strangers to guess. Humm Together is a bit like Name That Tune, because that’s exactly what you’re trying to do, and it takes the tried-and-true concept of turn-based social networking games and throws in an unexpected twist.

Basically, Humm Together has essentially the same interface as Draw Something. Players select a song to hum and then have a short amount of time in which to make a recording of themselves recreating the tune. The recording is then sent to the other player for them to guess the song from a multiple-choice list. Players can alternately earn points to “buy” different genres and eras of music as well as sound filters to “enhance” humming.

Humm Together is definitely unique as far as social game apps. It essentially is the virtual version of the Humm Bug board game and offers a few minutes of karaoke-style fun that can be played anywhere, anytime. Granted, it’s easier on everyone involved if you can actually carry a tune in a bucket but if you can’t, well, that’s OK – it’s still fun to try.

Humm Together is available to play in four languages – English, Spanish, French and Russian. Categories or genres include soundtracks, rock, hip-hop, R&B, Children’s Music and Country. Players who have purchased different genres can select up to three per game or just leave the genre set to “random” and see what pops. Players earn stars and gems, which act as Humm Together currency, for each game. The songs have star ratings that are loosely linked to the song’s ease of recognition. The easy songs are one star, the harder ones three.

Not that a game is meant to be taken too seriously, but if you mess up or aren’t happy with your song recording, you can re-record as many times as you like before sending. To keep things simple, there is a preview button available for each song in case you’re a bit rusty or unfamiliar with the name. You can also use hints to help narrow down your guesses when listening to other players’ recordings and if you just can’t hum any of the tunes available on your turn, you can essentially “spin again” and get a new list to choose from.

All told, if you love karaoke, are a Name That Tune champ, or just have a penchant for music of all kinds, Humm Together is the perfect social gaming experience for you. It’s free to download and is Facebook integrated so you can sign in and get started playing (humming) right away.

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