GottaGet: Shopping List Helps You Bring Home the Bacon

GottaGet, from RaddOnline, is the latest shopping list maker/keeper to find shelf space in the App Store. When I go grocery shopping, I get as dizzy as a roofer with vertigo. I gotta remember to get this, I gotta remember to get that, and when I get home, I gotta go back because I forgotta something.

Like other grocery list makers/keepers, GottaGet enables you to create shopping lists that will keep you focused on your mission and remind you to buy what you need whether it’s a hammer or a ham hock.

GottaGet is sectioned into two lists: One with a wide range of items that you often need to buy on a shopping expedition. The other is your shopping list for the day.

The Everything list is preloaded with food and other everyday items you might buy. If you need a pound of sugar, for example, tapping that item will move it to your GottaGet shopping list. Once you put the item in your shopping cart (your real one, not a virtual one), a tap moves it back to the “Everything” list.

You’ll still need to customize the Everything list. To do that, tap the Add Item icon on the menu at the bottom of the screen. Customizing the Everything list is done using a slot machine menu. Scroll the wheel on the left to select the number of items you need, scroll the middle wheel to select the appropriate package or volume of the item (jars, ounces, boxes etc.) and then scroll the third wheel to the appropriate category (garden, household, hardware, etc.).

To add categories, tap the Categories icon on the bottom menu and enter the category name in the space provided.

Let’s suppose you want to buy a dozen bagels and bagels are not on the Everything list. To add that to your list, tap the Add Item and go to the Add Items screen. Scroll the wheels to line up 12, bag and bakery. Enter “Bagels” in the space provided and tap save. When you tap the GottaGet icon, you’ll see Bagels on your list. Tap the “Got it” icon next to 12 Bagels to remove it from the list and add it to your Everything list. You’ll only need to do this once for each item.

It will take a while to customize the app’s list to suit your needs, but the longer you use the app the quicker it is to create your GottaGet lists.

You can also create a shopping list and use the “HoneyGet Email” option to send it to your honey, if you have one.

GottaGet is similar to other list makers in the App Store. You can select items from a ready-made list, add/delete items and email lists. AppCraver reviewed’s Grocery IQ in October (it’s been updated since then). The App Store also features at least three others: Grocery Gadget Shopping List, Groceries Grocery List and Shopper. None are free, like GottaGet, however.

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