Gluten Free Fast Food Provides a Rudimentary Dining Guide

Some say gluten free is a fad, but those with celiac disease and wheat allergy or intolerance will tell you different. If you or someone you know follows a gluten-free diet then you certainly know the biggest challenge is in eating out. Searching through health related gluten free apps for iPhone, there are several apps that are designed to provide some clarification for gluten-free dining. Checking out the free apps for this purpose, Gluten Free Fast Food comes out ahead of most freebies, but none of the free gluten-free apps can really stack up against the information contained in the myriad of paid gluten-free guides.

What Gluten Free Fast Food does offer is a quick, super simple to use, guide to popular fast food chains with a list of menu items that are gluten-free. While all the popular chains are included and menu items fairly up to date, the disclaimer to check with the individual restaurants remains. Based on the fact that a select few chains, like Subway, are experimenting with gluten-free menus, it is unclear yet if updates to this app will keep up with changing trends, but it does offer food choices at a glance.

The benefits to Gluten Free Fast Food are two-fold. First, it’s free to download. Second, it provides a rudimentary guide to acceptable food choices at places likely to be found anywhere at anytime. For those who have been following a gluten-free diet for some time, the lists are likely common knowledge. Yet for those who are new to this specific dietary restriction, it may prove helpful during the adjustment period. The information is not meant to be taken as gospel, as a few food items, such as crunchy tacos from Taco Bell, are excluded, but the menu items that are included are most assuredly safe.

Gluten Free Fast Food is not an overly attractive or extensive app, but a basic food guide that is quick and simple enough to use that it could be consulted in line at the drive thru. Granted, some chains offer very little in the way of safe menu options for a gluten-free diet, but there are a few that do and this app helps narrow the selection down. For those interested in a more extensive mobile guide, there are a myriad of paid apps that provide not only dining options, but grocery items and other information regarding gluten-free diets. As a free reference though, Gluten Free Fast Food may be helpful for gluten-free novices.

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