Pizza ovens – classification, types, tips on choosing

01.10.2020 Jeff Johnson zero comment

According to the Italians, they are the inventors of our favorite dish – pizza. Moreover, the Neapolitans unanimously assure the whole world that there are only two types of pizza: “Margarita” with canned tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and “Marinera” with seafood, but only a oven with a stone hearth is suitable for baking. More about pizza here

Later, many varieties of this dish appeared. To make pizza you will need a cake made of flour, tomatoes or ketchup, cheese and everything you have in the fridge: sausage, vegetables, seafood, ham, any kind of meat, fish, canned food and more. Pizza is prepared everywhere: in restaurants, cafeterias, roadside bistros, at home, in hotels. The recipe and ingredients are a “creative” component of pizza cooking, but the “technical” component is important (let’s call it that). Implied? It’s simple – it’s pizza baking equipment.

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