GottaGet: Shopping List Helps You Bring Home the Bacon

04.09.2018 Jeff Johnson zero comment

GottaGet, from RaddOnline, is the latest shopping list maker/keeper to find shelf space in the App Store. When I go grocery shopping, I get as dizzy as a roofer with…

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Gluten Free Fast Food Provides a Rudimentary Dining Guide

01.09.2018 Jeff Johnson zero comment

Some say gluten free is a fad, but those with celiac disease and wheat allergy or intolerance will tell you different. If you or someone you know follows a gluten-free…

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Humm Together is a Humdinger of a Social Gaming App for Name That Tune Fans

28.08.2018 Jeff Johnson zero comment

Just when you thought that social networking games had all the bases covered along comes a new one. Forget about spelling out words, forget about drawing pictures, it’s time to…

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Letter Bug is an Engaging Word Game

25.08.2018 Jeff Johnson zero comment

As soon as you start playing Letter Bug, you will find that it is a unique word-forming game, with multiple layers and levels. However, because Letter Bug is more complex…

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Master SF transit schedule with iBART Live

20.08.2018 Jeff Johnson zero comment

Riding the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains are an essential part of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you live there or plan to visit, iBART Live…

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